Sales Department

Our client advisers are motorcycle enthusiasts first. It is important to us to get you a motorcycle that allows you to enjoy the sport as much as we do!

Randy Felice - Sales Manager (aka "Gear head")

Randy Felice

Sales Manager (aka "Gear head")

Randy was born to work at a motorcycle shop... literally! "My parents started A&S as a motorcycle salvage yard in 1968. I grew up tearing down bikes and riding a Honda 50 Mini trail." In 1983 Randy became an official employee of A&S while attending Sierra College.

After college he came back to A&S BMW Motorcycles as General Manager. "In 2003 my parents retired and later I became sales manager. My favorite part of working at A&S Motorcycles is training co-workers. I enjoy riding lighter bikes like the F650GS twin and Ducati Hypermotard." When he's not at work, Randy enjoys spending time with his my wife, Amber, and their two children.

David Morton - Client Adviser

David Morton

Client Adviser

David came to A&S Motorcycles after several years in the Automotive Parts and Service Industry. David's an avid rider who enjoys all types of motor sport. He currently rides a Ducati 1198S. "I love having the chance to talk with A&S customers about what they love about motorcycling and what it means to them, because motorcycling is different for everyone."

When not working, David enjoys riding his Ducati, and pursues his hobbies of photography, gardening, golf, and wrenching on motorcycles and race cars.

Harrison Cole - Client Adviser

Harrison Cole

Client Adviser

Harrison came to A&S Motorcycles after working for thirteen years in the bar and card room business. After nearly twenty years as a customer, he finally joined the team.

An avid rider who enjoys both modern and vintage bikes, Harrison owns several bikes including a Ducati 900SS and a Moto Guzzi Ambassador. He enjoys helping customers find the right bike and equipment, "There is little that I find more satisfying than properly setting up bike and a rider with the appropriate gear, whether it is for daily commuting or a transcontinental ride." Off hours you'll usually find Harrison camping on the coast or spending quality time with a good book.

Kate Whitmire - Client Adviser

Kate Whitmire

Client Adviser

Kate started riding in 2009 and has since become a dedicated motorcycle enthusiast and AFM racer. She rides to work most days on her Honda VFR 800 and frequently does track days on her CBR600. When not at work or on the road, you might find her throwing rooster tails on her dirt bike.

Her prior experience in our parts and apparel department contribute to her customer-focused service here at A&S Motorcycles. Kate is continuing her education at Sacramento State University working toward a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication.

Kate sums up her approach to motorcycle sales, "As a rider myself, I love having a job where I can talk motorcycles all day. I'm passionate about getting riders set up with the right bike for their needs and riding style."

Ted Hudson - Client Adviser

Ted Hudson

Client Adviser

Ted is an avid motorcyclist.

Parts, Accessories, Apparel and Internet

Whether it's riding gear for you or new Farkle for your Motorcycle these are the people who know what works!

Kirk Vincent - Parts Manager (aka "Captain")

Kirk Vincent

Parts Manager (aka "Captain")

"Captain" Kirk is an admitted fan of Star Trek and has been working in our Parts Department since 2005. Currently, he's our Parts Manager, "I'm here to make sure that our customer's needs and desires are met beyond their expectations."

Before working for A&S Motorcycles, Kirk spent a number of years working retail in the outdoor industry. Working here, he found that his passion for adventure grew when he discovered the concept of "Adventure Touring." This lead to the purchase of a BMW R1200GS Adventure. "Spending a little part of your day outdoors, whether exercising, riding a motorcycle or sitting with your feet up can do nothing but good for you." says Kirk.

Although currently without two-wheel transportation, Kirk says, "Don't feel too bad for me, I've chosen to invest the time I would be spending riding a motorcycle building a future with my wife... and she said I can get a new bike soon - yeah! So far I've owned a Yamaha FZ1, a Ducati Multistrada and my Adventure. It's the mix of practicality, stability and sheer riding fun is what sold me on the Adventure." An avid bicyclist and rock climber, and snowboarder, Kirk is a dedicated lover of outdoor activity, "There is nothing that I enjoy more than just being outside. When I'm not working, I love to be outdoors."

Shannon Whalen - Senior Parts Associate

Shannon Whalen

Senior Parts Associate

Shannon grew up in the motorcycle industry, the daughter of a motorcycle mechanic, and she has worn quite a few hats here at A&S Motorcycles. She started in the shipping and receiving department as her first full time job out of high school (where she took auto shop classes). Back then we were a small company and she was the only one on the job there. A quick learner, Shannon soaked up parts knowledge like a sponge. Eventually she moved to San Francisco and worked at San Francisco BMW. While there started riding on a Ninja 250, spending every weekend riding to Alice’s, up and down the coast - even doing track days at Thunder Hill.

Since moving back to our area, Shannon returned to our parts department as a parts and apparel specialist, eventually taking on more responsibility as assistant parts manager and in 2007, parts manager. Recently, Shannon became a mother and chose to relinquish the management position to serve as senior parts associate sharing her vast knowledge of the business on a part-time basis.

Josue Carmona - Internet Phone Sales

Josue Carmona

Internet Phone Sales

Josue (pronounced Ho-Sway) answers the phones in the Parts Dept. as well as working at the counter. Josue started working at A&S Motorcycles in the shop as a detailer. He washed a lot of bikes during his time there! He also set up bikes as they came in as well as cleaning and fueling them when they were sold. After 3.5 years there soaking in as much motorcycle knowledge as he could.

What started as just a job turned into a passion, "From detailing I moved to our EBay department and learned more about parts and using the computer. From there I moved to the parts department, where I specialize in handling phone calls and creating MAGIC! Part of working with our customers is getting to know what they ride and sharing our experiences and knowledge. My job now is to talk to our customers on the phone and make sure that they get the right stuff - I absolutely love this job!"

Having come to A&S Motorcycles with virtually no motorcycle experience, Josue knew very little about bikes when he started but, as one thing lead to another, it wasn't long before he started riding on a Neon Green 2005 Kawasaki Ninja 636." My favorite local rides are up to Lake Tahoe and out to the Bay Area."

Nick Chacon - Parts Pro

Nick Chacon

Parts Pro

Nick Chacon likes to say that working in A&S Motorcycles in the parts department is "living the dream"! After learning the parts business at Kragen Auto Parts, Nick started work here in April 2009. Prior jobs include driving a Coca-Cola truck and working at Niello BMW. In 2011, Nick moved from the parts counter to "parts-to-service" taking care of our technicians by getting them the parts they need to complete repairs and service work on time.

Nick says, "I started rebuilding carburetors at a very young age. From single-barrel Carters to Holley double-pumpers, I eventually found my way to motorcycles through a friend that needed their old Kawasaki carburetor cleaned and tuned up. It was all 'downhill' from there. Basically, if it has a motor and wheels I'll work on it! I am a very logical and technical kind of thinker. I have taken apart lots of motors, including a Corvette LS1, countless imported motors, and Mazda's infamous rotary engine in which I wrote a paper on for school entitled 'The Thermodynamic Efficiency of a Rotary Engine Compared to a Conventional Piston Engine'."

Currently Nick rides a cafe racer that he built from a Honda CX500 Custom. He also plays upright bass in a popular local band, The Infamous Swanks.

Jon Hamby - Internet Guru

Jon Hamby

Internet Guru

Jon has been working at A&S Motorcycles since 2005. After working at a number of auto parts stores, including a stint as Parts Manager for Auto Zone in Citrus Heights, Jon attended Sierra College and earned a degree in Auto Mechanics and Graphic Design as well as dabbling in audio recording. At A&S Motorcycles, he started out working at the parts counter, but eventually moved into the Internet Processing Dept. At the time our website was not doing that much business, but over the course of that first year, our online orders grew immensely. Then in 2009 a position opened up in Internet Merchandising and our Parts Manager recommended him for the job due to his skills and creativeness in photography and design. This lead to his being handed the reigns of our e-commerce efforts. He's also responsible for advertising graphics including event posters and print ads.

In addition to designing and implementing our e-commerce web site,, Jon is our resident graphic artist. Jon's also a talented guitarist who has played lead in a number of bands as well as playing bass, drums, and some keyboard too. Jon says, "On top of my music, my hobbies include fixing and modifying classic cars and photography - I love to photograph just about anything. My wife, Shana, and I have two children. Although I don’t ride, and (according to my wife) never will, I still grew up around motorcycles. My dad always had a motorcycle in the garage. In fact, the first one he bought at the age of 16 was a 1966 Honda C92 Dream (Domestic Model). He still owns it and rides it everyday!"

Mike Herte - Internet Marketing Guy

Mike Herte

Internet Marketing Guy

Mike came to A&S Motorcycles after a varied career with the Defense Department. "I've been an electrician, an equipment repairer, an electronics technician, a technical writer and a computer technician. Through it all, I've been riding motorcycles - since 1970." Mike was excited to have the opportunity to work at A&S Motorcycles, "I've been riding most of my life and can't think of a better way to make a living; combining my love of motorcycles with the fun of introducing fellow riders to some of the best bikes in the world. It's especially fun to work at the best motorcycle shop in California"

Mike enjoys touring and riding the twisty roads of the Sierra and Coastal ranges. "When I'm riding my goal is to avoid freeways and find new back roads. I like to get my money's worth from my tires by wearing the edges as much as the center." Mike's had a number of bikes over the years including a 1972 Electra Glide that survived thousands of cross-country and commuter miles through the 1970's. There was also a Honda 500-4 with a sidecar that was the family's second car for ten years. He currently rides a 2007 BMW R1200RT and occasionally his wife's 2006 Triumph Thruxton. "I love having the chance to talk to our customers about the places they've been and the bike's they ride because it's fun to share our mutual interest in travel by motorcycle."

After working in the Sales Dept. from 2005 through 2009, Mike now serves in the internet department loading new products on the our e-commerce web sites and taking care of our dealer site, He also is responsible for our Facebook pages and for most of our written communications with our customers including our various newsletters.


Our Service Department is committed to listening to your needs and fulfilling them. We will not only make sure your motorcycle is well maintained, but also help personalize it just for you….all at a reasonable price!

Valerie Mackey - Service Dept. Scheduler / Warranty Administrator

Valerie Mackey

Service Dept. Scheduler / Warranty Administrator

Valerie brings broad experience (from day care provider and teacher’s aide, to call center worker and department coordinator at a credit card company) to her work as Service Dept. Scheduler and Warranty Administrator at A&S Motorcycles where she has worked in our Service Department since 2002. "When I came to work here, I did not know anything about motorcycles," says Val, "I started out working to help lighten the load of the Warranty Administrator as well as checking-in new bikes and, when we had the CHP contract and were selling 100-250 Police bikes a year, helping the Authority Bike Sales Dept. organizing and checking-in all the equipment that each police agency required." She's obviously learned a lot about motorcycles since then!

In 2005 Val took over as full-time Warranty Administrator and is committed to taking good care of all your BMW, Ducati, Triumph, Vespa and Piaggio warranty needs. When new bikes or scooters arrive, Val's in charge of making sure they get pre-delivery inspections and checks to be sure any current recalls are performed before our customers take deliver of the bikes. As Service Dept. Scheduler, she keeps the shop's work flow is smooth and efficient for both the customers and the technicians.

Val has two children and is the proud grandmother of five. Besides spending a lot of time with the grand children, she enjoys crocheting, sewing, playing card games and traveling with her family. Oh, and she's quite a baker too! She's famous here at A&S Motorcycles for her awesome oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies. "I love working at A&S Motorcycles because it is truly a family environment. This is not just a job - it's fun to come to work everyday!"

Jamie Ormsby - Mechanic

Jamie Ormsby


Jamie won the "best ever" award for his new employee introduction:

Hello, my name is Jamie & I’m a motoholic…
I would have liked to stand before you all today & say that I have not moto’d in many days, but to be honest, I moto’d yesterday. I am living proof that motoholism is hereditary. My father is a motoholic & my Grandfather on my mothers’ side is a recovering motoholic. I am fairly certain that my motoholism manifested itself in me at a very young age. My father, not realizing that he was continuing the cycle, placed me on the fuel tank of his 1970 Honda CB750 when I was 6 months old. He also placed me on the fuel tank of his Kawasaki H2 750. I was hooked, but confused on which moto my addiction craved most.

My confusion further increased when I was given a 1965 Honda CB450 twin by my grandfather & introduced to a Suzuki RM125 during high school. My disease took a turn for the worst around 1997 when I entered the bastion of motoholism in Citrus Heights, A&S BMW Triumph. It was there that I had my first taste of what the British had to offer. When introduced to the Scorched Yellow 955cc fuel injected Triumph T595, my life was forever changed. I knew that it would be a very long time before I could ever become a recovering motoholic, like my grandfather.

Over the next few years I satisfied my motoholic cravings with Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki & Kawasaki. I thought I had settled on Kawasaki, but after going to work for Performance Cycle, the new local Triumph pusher in 2004, my craving for British Iron returned with a vengeance. It was there that I purchased a Graphite 2006 Triumph 675 Daytona. Again, my life was forever changed. After using Daytona to get me through the most simple to the more adventurous task, from going to Safeway for groceries to camping in Kings Canyon, it seemed that there was no hope for my ever recovering.

The first step to recovery is admitting that there is a problem. Well ladies & gentlemen, I have a problem, I'm a motoholic. It is not always easy dealing with the stigma & bigotry of those who do not suffer from the disease of motoholism, but like many of you, I stay calm & carry on. My addiction has brought back to the bastion of motoholism, A&S Powersports. It is my hope that through the guidance & support of this great body of motoholics, I may some day find the strength to walk the path of recovery.


Accounting, Office and Marketing

Jeff Hanrahan - General Manager (aka "Fearless Leader")

Jeff Hanrahan

General Manager (aka "Fearless Leader")

Jeff came to A&S Motorcycles after 10 years as National Sales Manager for a motorcycle aftermarket parts distribution company that mainly works with BMW, Ducati and Triumph dealers nationwide.

Jeff says, "My relationship with A&S BMW Motorcycles began with them as one of my long term clients. Every year, while working at a BMW Rally, I would meet with and talk to Randy and the staff. I was always impressed by their commitment to the highest levels of customer service. During one of these rallies I was offered the opportunity to join the team."

After three years as our Parts Department Manager, Jeff took over as General Manager and has provided strong, steady leadership to our company since 2006.