Motorcycle Transport

OK, you've called 916-726-7334 ('8') to make a service appointment.

Now... Do you need to get your bike into the shop or back home afterward?
How about a ride home or to work so you can get on with your day?

Option 1:

A&S Motorcycles offers one-way motorcycle transport for as little as $50.00 (see table, below). Within 9 miles. Additional charges, at a special rate, apply for transport outside mileage limits.

Option 2:

If you need a car for the day, we'll pay for a one-day Enterprise car rental.**
Enterprise will come to the shop and pick you up. - Now that’s convenient!
** We pay the car rental fee for one day, you only pay for the car rental insurance and gas. Cost of rental insurance varies depending on coverage options and the model rented, but is around $25.00.

Option 3:

If you need a ride here or home, we will credit your service bill up to $40.00 toward a Lyft or Uber ride.*** (Typical pick up time is less than 15 minutes.)
*** Get the Android Uber app at the Play Store:
*** Get the iPhone Uber app at iTunes:

*** Get the Android Lyft app at the Play Store:
*** Get the iPhone Lyft app at iTunes:


** Motorcycle transport rate fees.
Mileage Regular Transport Fee You Pay
0-9 $70.00 $50.00
10-15 $80.00 $56.00
16-20 $90.00 $63.00
21-30 $100.00 $70.00
31-35 $110.00 $77.00
36-40 $130.00 $91.00
41-45 $170.00 $119.00
46-50 $190.00 $133.00
Mileage calculated using Google Maps.
Transport fees to or from A&S Motorcycles beyond a 50 mile radius are worked out directly between you and the transport service.

Need to transport your bike for any other reason?

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