Make an Appointment

We offer three ways to schedule a service appointment:
  1. Phone: Call (916) 726-7334 ext. 8, during business hours.*
  2. In person: Stop by during business hours* and talk to a service advisor.
  3. Leave your bike: Ride in and fill out an "after hours" form. (Find these in the box outside the south side door.) Be sure to place your key in the envelope and slip it through the mail slot after hours or leave it with a service writer. We will call you ASAP.
* Our business hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Tuesday-Friday
and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday.
- Closed Sunday and Monday -
Our Service Dept. is ready willing and able to take great care of your bike!

Specials, Rewards and Schedules

Tire Change Special
Click to find the details and save money on tire replacement.

Special Transport Offers
  • We'll rent a car from Enterprise for you ! 
  • We'll reimburse you up to $40.00 toward a Lyft or Uber, Towing or Trailer rental.
Rider Rewards Program.
Earn points toward savings on future parts and service purchases with our Rider Rewards Program.

Bike Maintenance Schedules

Do your own maintenance? Curious about what we do at each service interval? Check out the maintenance schedules for BMW, Ducati and Triumph motorcycles below:

Need to get your bike to the shop or back home?

How about a ride home or to work so you can get on with your day?

Option 1: Towing / Transport
Show us the receipt for your tow and A&S Motorcycles will help cover the cost, up to $40.00, with a credit to your service bill.

Option 2: Rental Car
A&S Motorcycles will pay for a one-day car rental. Enterprise will pick you up at the shop and we'll pay the rental fee for one day. You pay for rental insurance and fuel; cost of insurance depends on coverage options and the model rented, usually around $25.00.

Option 3: Rent-a-Trailer Reimbursement Credit
Rent a U-Haul or other trailer to get your bike to the shop and show us the receipt. A&S Motorcycles will cover the cost with a credit to your service bill of up to $40.00.

Option 4: Ride Service Reimbursement Credit
A&S Motorcycles will credit your service bill up to $40.00 toward a Lyft or Uber ride when you present your receipt. (Typical pick up time is less than 15 minutes.)